Multilateral Financial Institutions: Rules and Practice

Multilateral Financial Institutions: Rules and Practice

This course focuses on the nature, roles and operations of multilateral financial institutions (more commonly known as international financial institutions (IFIs)) in the architecture of international development and rule-making. A variety of such IFIs are examined, including Bretton Woods institutions, other global financial organizations and specialized agencies of the United Nations, and major regional development banks. Students, through this course, are expected to achieve a conceptual foundation of understanding the rules and practice of the IFIs, and practical apprehension of how such rules and practice are developed and applied in reality. Students will also be encouraged to consider practical solutions to factors that can impede the effective and efficient delivery of the development mandate of the IFIs. This course also offers an opportunity for students to learn from experienced practitioners how to start and develop a career in IFIs and the key characteristics of international civil service system.


Participants & Participation

Funding & Financing

Lecture - Financing for Development | Gerard J. Sanders、Xuan Gao
Seminar - “Unfair” Competition with Private Sector Players on the Market? | Gerard J. Sanders、Xuan Gao

Challenges and Conclusions

Lecture - Challenges | Gerard J. Sanders
Lecture - Conclusions | Gerard J. Sanders
Seminar - Career Development in IFIs | Gerard J. Sanders

GraSPP Research Seminar & HSP Seminar

The Roles and Responsibilities of IFIs beyond COVID-19—AIIB’s Innovative Features in Governance and International Standards | Gerard J. Sanders、Arthur M. Mitchell、Toshiro Nishizawa、佐藤 安信、Lauren Suzanne Power